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2021 Bratz Reviews/Unboxing/Store Finds

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@twyleeen on Instagram has just gotten their preordered GCDS Yasmin and Sasha in the mail already! Twyleeen is in Europe so the price for them was 49 € (Amazon Germany) and because they're an inbox collector they won't be taking these girls out of the box. Remember as Hayden said, these and Holiday Felicia will be using the 2018 (hybrid) body, that they will be the only two (characters) in this line, and that they will have only one outfit. Both Yasmin and Sasha will have UV Print for their faces.

  • Despite not being in this collection, the artwork for Jade and Cloe can be seen in the background.

  • The purses will be plastic.

  • New shoe molds. Sasha's boots has GCDS written on them and her boots also have metallic heels.

  • Yasmin's necklace and earrings spell out GCDS.

  • Their hair is long.

  • On the side of Yasmin's box, it says "Shoes borrowed from Cloe".

  • They come with stands.

  • Box is 33CM tall.


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