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Rock Angelz Group

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Vinnny Broun
30. November 2023 · joined the group.

We finally have the new Rock Angelz Roxxi and Sasha dolls after months of them being recalled. Roxxi has had a major improvement.

blane0201 on Reddit shared an updated RA Yasmin repro!

franmorote_toys has gotten Rock Angelz Cloe in which she doesn't look wonky! Maybe the dolls were recalled after all?

franmorote_toys ha conseguido la Rock Angelz Cloe en la que no parece estar torcida. Tal vez las muñecas fueron retiradas del mercado después de todo?

franmorote_toys получила Rock Angelz Cloe, в которой она не выглядит странно. Может быть, кукол все-таки отозвали?


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