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Credits to Lookin' Bratz and as he puts it, The first Bratz product of 2022 is here.

A new Bratz hoodie is being sold at Forever 21 and it seems like a matching pair of sweatpants may be available later:

good news!!

Lookin Bratz found the Bratz lounge pants from spencers!!

they retail for 24.99 USD


26/11/21: Thank you Dom! New official Bratz shirts now available on Amazon. These are usually exclusive to the U.S. because they are print-on-demand:

Las nuevas camisetas oficiales de las Bratz ya están disponibles en Amazon. Suelen ser exclusivas de Estados Unidos porque son de impresión bajo demanda:

Новые официальные футболки Братц теперь доступны на Amazon. Обычно они продаются только в США, поскольку печатаются по требованию:

GCDS is being teased on Bratz's and GCDS's and other people's Instagram.

This one is from Carine Roitfeld's Instagram:

From loicprigent


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